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Product Details

  • Rarity:Bronze

  • Number:118/163

  • Page Type:Beastie

  • Tribe:Spirit

  • Spellbook Limit:6

  • Aura Type:Spirit

  • Total Aura Cost:1

  • LP:25

  • 4th Wall Effects:Nighttime +10 
    Full Moon +10

  • Ability:ARENA: At the end of your turn, place a Beastie from your Limbo into your Afterlife.
    A LITTLE HELP: The next Spirit, Dark, or Colorless Spell you Contract this turn costs 1 less Aura. This effect does not stack.

  • Attack:Lending Hand (20)
    This Attack deals +10 Damage if you control a Beastie Witch.

  • Meta-Data:DOB: ??? GPS: USA Weight: 5.1kg Length: 0.43m

  • Strong Against:Cosmic

  • Flavor Text:This seems familiar doesn't it?

  • Artist:Poncho

Familiar - Nightfall: First Edition Reverse Foil

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