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Product Details

  • Rarity:Gold

  • Number:8/163

  • Page Type:Beastie

  • Tribe:Alien

  • Spellbook Limit:3

  • Aura Type:Cosmic

  • Total Aura Cost:2

  • LP:40

  • Traits:Spirit

  • 4th Wall Effects:Dawn+20 

  • Ability:ARENA: This Page cannot Attack Fatigued Beasties. 
    [SPATIAL CURATORS]: Reveal the top 3 Pages of your Spellbook. If a Terra or Aura Page was revealed, place it into your Chapter. Place the remaining Pages on top of your Spellbook in any order.

  • Attack:Dazed and Confused (Paralyze) (Confusion) (10)

  • Meta-Data:DOB: 1700's GPS: Santa Lucia Mountains, CA Weight: ???kg Length: 3m

  • Strong Against:Spirit

  • Flavor Text:Never intervening or interfering, they simply observe.

  • Artist:Poncho

Dark Watchers - Nightfall: First Edition Foil

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