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Product Details

  • Rarity:Gold

  • Number:16/163

  • Page Type:Beastie

  • Spellbook Limit:1

  • Aura Type:Spirit;Colorless

  • Total Aura Cost:3

  • LP:30

  • Traits:Fleet;Magiproof;Spirit

  • 4th Wall Effects:Nighttime+10 

  • Ability:ARENA: Roll a Die after Awakening your Pages at the beginning of your turn. If the result is not a 1 or a 6, this Page must declare an Attack immedietely. 
    [THE HAUNT BEGINS]: Once per turn, Contract any Spirit Spell in your Cemetery. Place that Spell into your Afterlife.

  • Attack:Bewitched (Paralyze) (Poison 2) (10)

  • Meta-Data:DOB: 1817 GPS: Adams, TN Weight: 0kg Length: ???m

  • Strong Against:Dark

  • Flavor Text:The Bell Witch's bell cracked the first time it was rung, adding to the shrill pitch of each ring.

  • Artist:Poncho

Bell Witch - Nightfall: First Edition Foil

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