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Product Details

  • Rarity:Gold

  • Number:12

  • Page Type:Beastie

  • Tribe:Dinosaur

  • Spellbook Limit:2

  • Aura Type:Water

  • Total Aura Cost:5

  • LP:80

  • 4th Wall Effects:Lake +50

  • Ability:Beast of Busco cannot declare an Attack and any Combat Damage that would be dealt by Beast of Busco is reduced to 0 (after applying all other modifiers). 
    Power: Hungry Crypto: Place the bottom of your palm at the of Beast of Busco's Page. Every non-Aura Page controlled by an opposing Caster your fingers can touch from this position is dealt 50 Damage. Every non-Aura Page controlled by you that your fingers can touch is placed in the Afterlife and you may Bookmark an equal number of Pages from the top of your Spellbook.

  • Meta-Data:DOB: 1949 GPS: Churubusco, IN Weight: 730kg Length: 3.2m

  • Flavor Text:The Beast of Busco may not be a hippo, but he is HUNGRY!

  • Artist:Kelsey Jachino

Beast Of Busco - Cryptid Nation: Second Edition Reverse Foil

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